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We are industry leaders in providing comprehensive plant services to businesses & offices of any size.  Create a distinct statement and add more value to your space with cherry-picked indoor plants.

Our specialists will thoroughly inspect the site to determine the number and type of plants that suit your indoor spaces. Embrace sustainable urban living with special plants that purify indoor air and improve the aesthetics of the place.

Are your extra particular about interior decor? No need to worry, we are masters at what we do. From unique design to ongoing maintenance and plant replacements, we are your specialist indoor plant hire company across Sydney, Australia.

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How much does Office Plant Hire Cost?

In our experience Indoor Plant Hire costs  $2-$5 per employee per week, with a minimum spend of $30 per week.  So if you have 10 employees you should budget around $30-$50 per week depending on how green you want it!

Then you have to find  a provider, we have put together a list of the Seven Important Factors in choosing an Indoor Plant Hire Company across Sydney, Australia – and it’s free!



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The Best Office Plants for Your Desk at Work

With many offices across Sydney looking for plant hire services to embellish their offices and get the benefits of indoor plants, some others look at simple office transformation by transforming the workspace into a more peaceful place through small office plants for the desks. Interior Plants Designs, being a leading office plant hire in Sydney,

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Indoor Plants: Hire or Buy?

Many offices across Sydney decided to transform the dull look of their premises as well as taking advantage of the benefits of indoor plants by using indoor plants hiring services, bringing beauty and health benefits to the employees and visitors at the workplace. When office admins are asked to bring indoor plants to an office,

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It’s official: Indoor plants improve your bottom line

Don’t take our word for it, see what the University of Technology in Sydney has to say
Current research at UTS aims to establish optimum conditions for indoor plants to be used in routine installations to reduce building energy costs for sustainable urban living.

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The steps to buying indoor plants at Bunnings

There are eight basic steps to purchasing plants from Bunnings, and a number of them start before you even get into the store!
If you are going to buy your indoor plants from Bunnings or other garden centre or nursery, there are a few things to consider before you start…

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