Breathing Life into Workspaces: The Art of Biophilic Design

Biophilic design in the context of office plants refers to the strategic incorporation of natural elements, particularly plants, into office environments to create a more harmonious and productive workspace. This approach is rooted in the concept of biophilia, which suggests that humans have an innate connection to nature and thrive in environments that emulate natural settings.

We incorporate Biophilia into our designs using the following methodology

  • Embracing Nature’s Meandering Paths in Design

  • Nature’s Asymmetry: A Blueprint for Design

  • Harnessing Nature’s Unpredictability in Design

  • Adaptive Nature

Embracing Nature’s Meandering Paths in Design

The concept of a hospital typically conjures images of clinical efficiency: long, uncluttered corridors, uniformity in colour, and straight lines that allow visibility from one end to the other. While this design serves the functional needs of a hospital well, it stands in stark contrast to the organic, irregular patterns found in nature.

In our approach to interior design, we focus on disrupting these rigid lines, introducing elements of nature’s spontaneity. This can be achieved through the placement of curved pots along corridors, or by draping hanging plants over linear structures, creating a cascading green effect.

Our design philosophy is inspired by childhood memories of wandering through the bush, where our paths were dictated by the natural world around us – navigating around plants, rocks, shrubs, and streams. We strive to incorporate this essence in our designs, blending the unpredictable charm of nature with the practical demands of daily functionality.

office plant hire

office plant hire

Nature’s Asymmetry: A Blueprint for Design

Consider the rarity of perfect symmetry in the natural world. When was the last time you encountered a perfectly circular shape, or a row of trees identical in height and form in nature? The likelihood is slim to none.

This natural asymmetry guides our approach in plant selection and arrangement. We deliberately choose diverse plant varieties for a single trough and vary pot sizes to mimic the eclectic beauty of a garden bed as found in the wild. This variety not only adds visual interest but also creates a sense of authenticity, reminiscent of the underplanting seen during a stroll through nature.

In our designs, we intentionally avoid uniformity. When utilizing a mulch plate, the holes for plants are purposefully off-center and spaced at random intervals. This mirrors nature’s inherent irregularity and imbalance, ensuring that our designs feel more organic and true to the natural world’s unique charm.

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Harnessing Nature’s Unpredictability in Design

Nature is a tapestry of unexpected wonders – a high cliff suddenly giving way to a steep drop, or a dense cluster of tall trees emerging after a patch of low shrubs. It’s this element of surprise and unpredictability that we strive to capture in our designs.

We bring a touch of nature’s chaos into indoor spaces, creating environments that are both unexpected and harmonious. Our work ranges from crafting serene indoor Japanese Zen Gardens, complete with bamboo water features, to installing vibrant green walls in windowless lift areas, simulating the invigorating presence of natural light.

But the essence of nature can be evoked in subtler ways too. Imagine a dark room transformed by the addition of grow lights and feature planting, altering its entire ambiance. Picture cascading plants elegantly draping over a stairwell, altering both its aesthetic and atmosphere. We’ve even reimagined meeting rooms as lush green havens, entirely enveloped in plants, offering a refreshing escape for those within. Each design is a step away from the mundane, a venture into the unexpected delights of nature.

Indoor Plant Hire Troughs

Adaptive Nature

Ever noticed how plants tenaciously envelop an old building, scaling walls and sprouting through the tiniest of cracks, constantly seeking light? This resilience is a testament to nature’s ability to adapt and flourish in any environment.

Take, for instance, the way some plants climb others to reach sunlight, drawing nutrients from their hosts, or how they strategically position themselves along pathways, avoiding damage from constant foot traffic.

At Interior Plant Designs, we embrace this adaptability. Our approach includes the use of mobile pots and troughs on wheels, allowing plants to be moved and repositioned daily according to the space’s usage. For instance, in a breakout area bustling with activity, we can surround the space with troughs, creating not just a visual oasis but also a natural sound barrier for the surrounding open-plan area. This is our way of harnessing nature’s innate ability to adapt, bringing its dynamic resilience into everyday spaces.

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