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Ongoing plant maintenance and replacements.

We are experienced Indoor Plant Hire professionals and  have successfully installed and maintained green spaces across Sydney.

We provide the full Indoor Plant Hire service for businesses, a unique design tailored to your needs, a streamlined delivery process and a second to none ongoing plant management program including plant replacements.

To see our detailed Design, Deliver and Manage process please click here.

Why Interior Plant Designs?

Through our partnerships with the best growers in Australia, relationships with most influential Designers, Builders and Architects and access to the latest and in-trend pots and troughs, we can guarantee that you will be thrilled choosing Interior Plant Designs as your Indoor Plant Hire Company serving Sydney-wide.

We understand choosing a Plant Hire company is a difficult decision if you have little on no expertise or experience dealing with plants and Indoor Plant Hire companies which is why we offer the following:

  1. An easy to understand plant design, layout and proposal
  2. Detailed delivery and installation process
  3. An all inclusive management program with ongoing maintenance and replacements.


Need creative solutions for indoor plants? Talk to our experts at 0481 354 712 for FREE quotes! We will have your unique proposal to you in 24 hours.


Pot and Plant Options


Achieve Amazing There is no bigger statement than a Green Wall, the sheer scale and impact is impossible to replicate.

Floor Pots

The right pot and plant in any space can change the look and feel for the space

Clustering of Pots

Make an impact by putting plants in fewer locations but where you are putting plants doubling down and making a major impact by clustering pots

Hanging Pots

A great way to use space and make a creative impact. In small rooms where floor space is at a premium hanging pots take up no floor place.

Living Wall Art

A great statement piece or pieces that will give maximum impact at a reasonable price. Great for reception areas, boardrooms and small spaces

Planter Box

These versatile units are a fantastic way to divide rooms, create impact in walkways, hide unsightly cords under desks, offset a wall, the uses are endless.

Tambour Planter Box Units

The in design trend for the last few years. This is a great way to use space and also maintain a clean workspace by limiting the number of flat surface areas where to leave clutter.

Feature Bowls

These beautiful bowls are individually crafted with no 2 the same. Not only are they stunning they are also a sustainable alternative to Fresh Cut Flowers and Floral Arrangements

Partition Troughs

When you a looking to liven up a space the partition way is clever way to break up the cubicle look. It is a great option as a space saver and gives a great line of sight look. They are also great on window sills, on top of storage cabinets and nib walls.

Floral Arrangements

Nothing can beat the look of freshly cut flowers, in a beautiful vase, perfectly styled and created at the correct scale for the space. There is a reason we give flowers as a gift.

Custom Joinery

We specialise in working with design and professional services teams to create beautiful custom pieces, we generally can create cost savings and ensure it is built to promote plant health and growth.


These are the in plants in design, succulents do require an abundance of light so generally do not survive long periods indoors, outdoors however with light available we can use a number of varieties for stunning displays.

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