Penrith Civic Centre

  • How many plants are on the wall
  • The height of the wall
    7.2m at the highest point, the overall size is 110m2
  • Types of plants that will be used to fill it and the specialty of the plants and where it sourced from.
    • Monstera – Feature Plant to grow out further than the other plants on the wall
    • Peperomia – Small waxy leaf with a 2 tone colour and texture
    • Spider Plant – A light grassy look adding colour with a 2 tone finish
    • Iris – Our dark grass used more at the top of the wall to give a big sky look as if the wall is going to fall over you
    • Rojo Congo – Adds red/burgundy look, it also has a big waxy leaf adding another texture and shape
    • Congo – Same as the Rojo Congo but in green
    • Spathiphyllum – Give the dark green heart shape leaf and will grow white flower like growths adding pops of colour and depth
    • Ficus variegated – adds some green and white through the main part of the wall, another different shape and texture
    • The plants have come from our growers in Queensland, namely Cairns, Sunshine Coast and just north of the Gold Coast.
  • How often it needs to be watered and method of watering, including the timing of watering.
    There is irrigation set up on the wall and runs 2 Minutes 3 times a day. The idea of the felt greenwall is for the whole wall to be constantly wet with the felt soaking in the water. The plants which have had most of the soil removed will slowly draw the water out of the felt
  • Remote monitoring of the fertilizer and water requirement.
    We have a wifi modem set up in our irrigation system for remote monitoring and alerts if there is an issue.
  • How the dripped water is collected wand where it will be disposed off the site.
    The water that falls of the wall (and note that the felt system is the lowest usage of water in any greenwall on the market) is collected in 2 drip trays at the bottom of the wall and is moved to the sites drainage.
  • Special lighting requirements.
    We have 60 specifically designed Growbrite – Grow Lights. These are using cutting edge LED technology combined with Silica Optics to magnify and refract the light to the areas of the wall that we need with quality Philips Control Gear. This is the best grow light on the market in regards to quality and spectrum of light, longevity and power usage.
  • Expected establishment period, frequency of inspection and planned maintenance requirement.
    It will take 3-6 months depending on species to establish in the wall properly. We will be servicing the wall once every 3 weeks and preforming a major service Once a quarter.
  • Other interesting or relevant facts.
    Unlike other greenwall systems that house the individual plants in individual pots the felt system means all of the plants are growing together on the wall in its entirety making the Greenwall intself 1 living organism. The plants at the top of the wall can grow their roots to the bottom of the wall over time, we believe plants talk to each other when growing together and help each other to maintain the best ecosystem for the plants to thrive. What this means for you is a better looking greenwall, with longer lasting plants whilst using less resources. This is why we love our felt system and believe it is the best on the market.The inspiration of the greenwall is the Blue Mountains themselves. We have looked at the textures and colours of the rock walls and the foliage around them and tried to replicated this in the wall. This is also why we have used the grass like plants at the top to give the feeling of further height and big sky.

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