Which Indoor Plants Survive Low Light?

If your office or business has limited exposure to sunlight and you are looking for indoor plants to hire as a décor for your space to get all the benefits that come with these, your plant hire company can source many plants that have been grown in lower light and can survive low light, which

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The Benefits of Indoor Plants

If you have been thinking about hiring indoor plants, you must be already admiring the attractive look that plants bring to an office, but you might have not looked beyond just the appeal, as indoor plants bring more than just beauty, with many health benefits that go beyond the aesthetics. Many businesses have been looking

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How To Make Your Own Self Watering Pot

Bunnings Shopping List Bucket Coco Peat Coreflute Perlite Potting Mix Fertilizer Tubing Costs – Perlite – $8.96 Bucket – $14.50 Coco Peat – $2.05 Coreflute – $9.90 Soil – $7.98 Seasol – $7.28 Tubing – $2.30

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