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We do what we say on time.

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Ongoing plant maintenance and replacements.


Our Philosophy

We believe every space should be a place you want to be


On our initial phone call we will ask a series of questions to understand why you want plants and what you are trying to achieve


We research you and your business to understand who you are and who your clients are.

Initial Site Visit

We match what your trying to achieve, with the personality of your business and your clients to the limitations and attributes of your physical space and the fixtures already in place

Quotation, Look Book and Mood Board

We will provide a quote which will outline each location we recommend plants. Each location will have plant and pot suggestions as well as individual pricing to make working to a budget a simple process.


Our Philosophy

We gain trust by setting a high level outcome delivered on time


The initial step on delivery is to automate as many processes as possible we work with your accounts department to ensure the easiest and where possible automated method of payment for you

Site Check

We come on site to build a digital floor plan to digitally capture what we are going to achieve and confirm with building management loading dock and goods lift access. We also ensure we have the internal access to deliver the size of pots and plants without requiring external access (cranes or winching)

Plant Confirmation

Our shade grown plants specifically grown for indoors from our dedicated indoor growers all over Australia have been in some instances years in the making. We need to coordinate with our plant transport providers a shipping method for us to receive the plants in the best possible condition

Final Site Preparation

Final confirmation from building management in regards to loading dock an lift access, where applicable confirmation from professional designers that pots and joinery is onsite and as specified. Our install team manager will walk through the site and confirm plant locations and building management details.

Plant Preparation

When we receive the plants we then need to prepare them for the years of service they will provide in the clients specific environment. All our plants are removed from their soil and cleaned, we then repot them with an optimised growing medium specific the plant, pot, watering system and internal climate

Delivery Day

Because of the previous steps the delivery day is a simple process, plants and pots have been prepared as well as the appropriate man power and timeframes.


Our Philosophy

“It’s little things, done consistently that create amazing results”


Clients receive an email a minimum of 24 hours before their Plant Technician will be on site to service

Initial Baseline Monitoring

Your dedicated Plant Technician will be regularly in the first 3 months measuring, testing and confirming the plant health and requirements. The initial stages are the most important to set a baseline of plant health and requirements to deliver fabulous and consistent results

Customer Service Hand Over

You will be formally handed over from the Installation to the Customer Service team. You will have 1 point of contact for any issues arising. You will also have 1 dedicated Plant Technician who will be the sole manager of all onsite plants.

3m Review

After 3 months our Designer, Customer Service Representative and Plant Technician will do a 3 month reviewing plant selection, plant health, maintenance requirements and frequency and functionality of the space ensuring the client is ecstatic with their space.

On Going Maintenance

Your Plant Technician will as required polish, dust, fertalise, trim, clean, water, rotate and replace plants when servicing.

Green Thumb Presentation

We offer a free 30 minute presentation on how you and your staff can Design, Deliver and Manage their own indoor plants at home. The presentation is 15 minutes with 15 minutes for questions.

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