Indoor Plants: Hire or Buy?

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Many offices across Sydney decided to transform the dull look of their premises as well as taking advantage of the benefits of indoor plants by using indoor plants hiring services, bringing beauty and health benefits to the employees and visitors at the workplace.

When office admins are asked to bring indoor plants to an office, a challenging decision has to be made, whether to call an indoor plant hire company, or buy and grow their own, thinking the latter option might save money or make the process more ‘personal’.

Let’s see why most professionals have favoured engaging an indoor plant hire specialist over growing their own:

  1. Hassle-free

Businesses and office admin appreciate the stress and hassle-free process that indoor plant hire companies provide, the process could not be any easier, you simply have to contact a local office plant hire specialist, and he will take care of everything, from the selection of the right plants depending on the environment and atmosphere, to the installation, care and ongoing maintenance. You don’t need to worry about watering the plants, nor the hassle involved with the selection or buying process – your plant specialist will mange it all for you.

  1. Replacement

Another great advantage of having a Sydney-based indoor plant hire specialist is not having to worry about replacing your plants if something goes wrong, or they simply stopped looking as appealing as they were. Over time, you might need your indoor plant hire company to provide a replacement in a timely manner, especially if these are placed where high foot traffic and visitors are expected.

  1. Flexibility

Reliable indoor plant hire service providers offer great flexibility when it comes to the arrangements and options to choose from, be it the number of plants required, the overall aesthetics requirement, the budget or the maintenance frequency.

  1. Wide Selection

Indoor plant hire specialists have access to a wide range of plants, as they have national and international partnerships, allowing them to provide offices with a wider selection of plants than those available in the local shops.

  1. Cost-effective

Buying and maintaining indoor plants is not easy, nor a cheap process, as you will need to buy the plants and pots which is an initial setup fee, followed by all the expenses related to the maintenance, including fertilisers and watering tools.

Interior plant designs do not charge a setup or installation fee, and you might also get freebies like the terrariums we are currently giving away with each office plant hire service we complete.

  1. Professional advice

When you hire one of the best indoor plant hire companies in Sydney, you can access to reliable advice when it comes to the plants’ selection, the installation process and how to best position them.

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