The Benefits of Vertical Gardens & Green Walls in Offices

vertical gardens

Many offices look to hire vertical gardens to improve the aesthetics of the place and provide environmental benefits as well as value to the employees. From filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air to improving air quality, vertical gardens are becoming a common trend for offices across Sydney and Australia wide.

With the summer heat expecting to hit Sydney pretty soon, façade green walls can help reduce heat absorption, which means a cooler environment in the office as well as significant energy savings, since most commercial buildings rely on air-conditioning during summer.

To summarise the potential benefits to expect when you are looking to hire green walls and vertical gardens in your offices in Sydney, Interior Plant Designs, as leading indoor plant hire specialist in Sydney, has listed all the potential benefits:

  1. Help purify the air and help provide a cooler environment during extreme summer heat, and when placed near a window, it provides some shade for the room.
  2. It can be used as an appealing type of screening for office partitioning and dividers, and these will also help with noise reduction.
  3. When vertical gardens are hired and placed in office cubicles, they provide a soothing feel to the overall atmosphere, which is important for mental health and improves the productivity of your employees.
  4. Vertical gardens can be efficiently managed by professionals, not requiring much effort from the office staff.
  5. Green walls do not require a special environment to grow, except for enough light,  they do not have other special requirements, so they can have a long life.
  6. They are easier to maintain in the presence of an office dog or other pets, as they are placed out of their reach.
  7. Vertical gardens and green walls can help increase the real estate value of a commercial property, so they can be used for staging purposes.
  8. When placed in retail spaces, they help increase foot traffic, as in shopping centres, due to their appealing look.
  9. Vertical gardens for schools are great as they can help children with ADHD focus better and improves their productivity.

Vertical gardens and green walls can be achieved by creating these yourselves or by engaging an indoor plant hire company that can provide quality plants for hire. Talk to the specialists at Indoor Plant Designs today and discuss your plant hire project now.


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