Which Indoor Plants Survive Low Light?

indoor plants for low light in darkness

If your office or business has limited exposure to sunlight and you are looking for indoor plants to hire as a décor for your space to get all the benefits that come with these, your plant hire company can source many plants that have been grown in lower light and can survive low light, which we will be reviewing some of them in this blurb for those who would want to bring the beauty of the garden to their indoor offices.

Snake Plant

This succulent is also known as ‘Mother in law’s tongue’, it’s easy to maintain, tolerate the darkness but like most plants, more light will help it grow better.

Zanzibar Gem Plant

This plant can endure both dryness and darkness very well. It looks great and can grow tall, and it has shiny dark green leaves with thick stems.


Large deep green leaves or beautiful in any space, will not grow too tall but will provide some width and fullness, it is also ideal in low light.

Cast Iron Plant

While we didn’t want to say you are allowed to neglect a plant, but if you are the type of person who would actually neglect a plant, this indoor plant is the right one for you.

Philodendron Cordatum

The name has been given to this indoor plant as it will resist the worst conditions and just grow.

Spider Plant

Another hyper adaptable plant for indoor use that will resist neglect and enjoys indirect light more than anything else.


Low maintenance indoor plants that would still prefer sunlight to grow but can adapt to low light situations. Great for using in a hanging basket with trailing vines or to grow up trellises.


The Chinese Evergreen is a beautiful plant that has a lush green leaf and won’t get too tall, is suitable to low light conditions


Also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant this head turner of a plant is more than capable of doing well in low light.


While these might not be the super tolerant indoor plants, they can still adapt in low light as they are used to growing in the wild. They also enjoy humidity, so would make a good indoor plant in your office bathroom.

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